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Digital Quality Assurance software and support for the food and related industry. Send your worries to the clouds!

What We Do

We provide digital systems to remove the need for the thousands of papers that Quality and Food Safety Compliance /Assurance teams in food factories need to complete.

Following once off or multiple site assessments, we can provide on or off site checklist development and support. 

Applications are cloud-based; from your fridge Temperatures right through to the Integrity checklist and even beyond Traceability.

We specialize in the food industry and as such we utilize food industry experts such as food scientists and food technologists, who come with a wealth of experience and expertise, to assist you with implementation. This improves and adds value as well as integrity to your application.

While our focus is the food industry, your application does not even have to be related – we can assist with creating your very own mobile application!

Quality Assurance Software
Quality Assurance for Software

Products and Solutions

Not sure what you need, or what it costs?

We are here to help.

Our systems are highly customizable and an end-to-end solution is provided from receiving to despatch.

GoQA (Quality Assurance digital system)

Convert all your clipboard checklists to digital checklists. Access records and data analyses remotely, anywhere, anytime.

GoMMS (Manufacturing Management System)

This application is in its final testing and implementation phase and will assist with managing your production, stock, and maintenance systems.

GoMARS (Monitoring And Reporting System)

Realtime and Continuous monitoring of process parameters such as temperature and humidity.

Quality Assurance Software Functions Include

Why Choose Us

We keep the system simple: Simple means fewer worries about training or staff turnover. Simple means easier access wherever you are. Simple means no worries about the cost per user. Simple means a local contact when you need it. Simple means integrated systems. Simple means less to manage!

We will not bombard you with options about options. Only a simple and clean design – with the necessities you need for your quality assurance software.

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Display your OWN logo on your application without us enforcing our logo and brand on YOUR documentation. Your own logo and document numbering system can be embedded in the software we provide you with.

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Hardware Assistance

Even though we don’t market ourselves as a company who sell hardware, we can assist with ensuring you procure decent hardware to compliment your newly-acquired software system. We partner with industry to supply you with what you need at a price you want.

Save money

Significantly reduce your paper usage with entry level packages starting from as low as R1999 per month. With Go Digy everything is captured and managed digitally. Reduce your dependence on paper and improve data capturing today!

There are no headaches on deciding on servers, clouds and networks, we keep it simple: our systems are plug and play ready. We don’t enforce a specific format or set checklists on your facility. We work with you to convert and improve on your existing system. We can also convert it to a digital format and load it onto our software system on your behalf.  

Your place or ours: We can host on your server (server depending) or in the cloud with backup. Due to this feature, this reduces the need for additional staff to be on site to monitor or control records. 

And Remember: When we use mobile devices, these can be cleaned and/ or sanitized between users where paper can’t! 

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FSSC Stage 2: They loved GoDigy and GoMars - Thanks for all your help

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It does not matter what size your company is or which level of compliance you are currently at, our quality assurance software solutions can improve on what you do.